This is a Hauser-Feshbach statistical model code. The speciality of this code is that it is fully web driven (catchword cloud computing) and that even new functions for certain nuclear properties (e.g. optical potentials) can be introduced without recompilation. You are not limited by the options below. There are further explanations available. For latest news or help, take a look at the Forum.

For quick access to the standard (default) results it is better to use the HTML database access (no registration required)! If you just want to compare to cross sections or rates (for example, from experiments) use this database and NOT the code below!!!

The standard results are published in Atomic Data Nuclear Data Tables 79 (2001) 47 and Atomic Data Nuclear Data Tables 88 (2004) 1. Fits to the reaction rates and additional information can be found in Atomic Data Nuclear Data Tables 75 (2000) 1.
The NON-SMOKERWEB code is different from the previous NON-SMOKER code and may yield different results!

You need to be registered to use the code (test account available)! If you are interested in starting a collaboration using this code, please register for access, stating what you want to use the code for.


What to expect: Cross sections (g.s. target) and astrophysical reaction rates (both g.s. and thermally excited target); Maxwellian averaged cross sections (both g.s. and thermally excited target) when using neutrons as projectiles; astrophysical S-factors (g.s. target) when using a charged projectile.

If you need the cross sections or rates at different energies or temperatures than provided here, feel free to use my interpolation program.

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Please note: These are only theoretical values, not the recommended REACLIB values, which also include experimental rates! If there are experimental values available, we recommend to use those instead of the theoretical ones.

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