NON-SMOKERWEB Registration

Use the registration form below if you are interested in starting a research collaboration using the NON-SMOKERWEB code. Note that you do not have to be registered to access the database with previously published NON-SMOKER results. Registration is solely required if you want to use the actual code, for example to study the dependence of the cross sections on different inputs or to obtain results tailored to a nucleus or mass region.

For quick access to the standard (default) results it is better to use the HTML database access (no registration required)! If you just want to compare to cross sections or rates (for example, from experiments) use this database and NOT the code (do not continue with the registration in this case)!!! The standard results for comparison are also published in Atomic Data Nuclear Data Tables 79 (2001) 47 and Atomic Data Nuclear Data Tables 88 (2004) 1. Fits to the reaction rates and additional information can be found in Atomic Data Nuclear Data Tables 75 (2000) 1. All of these results can also be accessed on this website and also with a convenient access to the database!

Note that the default settings of NON-SMOKERWEB make it a global code, not using specific nuclear information for a given nucleus but rather using global parameterizations. Thus, its default results may be slightly inferior to using inputs tailored to a reaction. A fair comparison to other codes is only possible when making sure that all compared codes follow the same philosophy.

Terms and Conditions

By using the NON-SMOKERWEB code you agree to the following terms and conditions (which may be modified or amended any time without further notice).

Using the web access to this code should be viewed as if you would pay a visit to the institution of the code owner and being involved in a collaboration with the code keeper. For that reason all accesses are monitored. Co-authorship is in principle desired and should be considered but it will depend on the type and extension of calculations and study performed and may be decided on a case-by-case basis. In any case, obtained results and conclusions should be sent to Thomas Rauscher for double-checking (see below).

You also have to provide information on the purpose of your calculations and details on what you want to calculate. There is a sophisticated access control system which allows to restrict permissions to certain parts of the code or to perform only certain kinds of calculations. Therefore you have to provide as much details as possible on the envisaged research project when registering so that you will receive an appropriate set of permissions. Note that usually there will be an expiration date for the allowed access. If you find your password does not work anymore it may well have expired and you have to reapply.

Please read the instructions carefully (see also the Forum for further information and FAQ)! There are many subtle issues when using advanced features of the code. For that reason, please send any results intended for publication to Thomas Rauscher for approval, in order to allow double checking for mistakes and misinterpretations.

Note that this NON-SMOKERWEB code is an update of the previous NON-SMOKER code and may yield different results than those obtained with the previous version and those found in the NON-SMOKER result database. The NON-SMOKERWEB code is under continuous development and its results may thus change without further notice. Please check the version number and the version history for further details on recent changes.

You also agree to use the computer resources in a responsible manner and to restrict yourself to making only as few calculations as are necessary. Specifically, you refrain from performing extensive calculations involving a large number of targets and/or reactions. This restriction is necessary because the code is run on a local machine and not on your own. Therefore the load has to be kept to a minimum, especially when considering that several users may use the resource at the same time.

After submission of the form below it may take several days to confirm the registration and to send you the access code. This has to be done manually, so please be patient. Thank you for your understanding.

Please take notice of the disclaimer which is part of the Terms and Conditions outlined here.

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