SMARAGD web interface

This is the future home of the web interface to the SMARAGD code for calculating nuclear cross sections and reaction rates of astrophysical interest. The code is under constant development, see the relevant sections in the news forum for occasional status reports and the current version number.

There is a review article explaining the considerations entering the astrophysically relevant calculations of nuclear reaction rates and also giving some more details on the future code.

The improved SMARAGD calculations will supersede the previously available NON-SMOKER and NON-SMOKERWEB results (see the review article for an explanation of how the three codes are related).

Currently, there is no public access to SMARAGD but you can contact me so that I can perform calculations with the latest version for you. Alternatively, you can access the database of the old NON-SMOKER calculations (no registration required) or use the NON-SMOKERWEB code yourself through an interface (free access but registration required).

Once a new set of reaction rates has been published similarly to the rate sets obtained with the NON-SMOKER code, the NON-SMOKERWEB interface will be replaced by a similar interface to the SMARAGD code.

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