Astrophysical Cross Sections and Reaction Rates

This page allows you to access results computed with different versions of the Hauser-Feshbach statistical model code NON-SMOKER. Free access is granted to the NON-SMOKER database which contains previously published results (from the year 2000) in easily accessible form. Additionally, it includes sensitivity results, showing the effect of a variation of nuclear properties.

A newer version of the code is called NON-SMOKERWEB. It can be used over the web but registration is required for access. However, for almost all practical purposes the NON-SMOKER database is already sufficient: comparison to experimental data and sensitivity studies.

The newest Hauser-Feshbach code is SMARAGD. It is still under development but I will be happy to run calculations for you when you contact me.

For further details see the code summary page and the Forum and News page, which also includes a section on How-Tos and Frequently Asked Questions.

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Hauser-Feshbach Cross Sections, Reaction Rates and Sensitivity Plots:
the NON-SMOKER database access

Free access, no registration required.

The database contains statistical model (Hauser-Feshbach) results for 9<Z<84 (Ne to Bi). There are further explanations available. For latest news, take a look at the Forum.

In addition to reaction cross sections and reactivities (reaction rates per particle pair), the HTML interface also provides access to the astrophysically relevant energy windows (Gamow windows) and to sensitivity plots.

Note: For (n,γ) reactions, the cross sections and reaction rates should be renormalized to the recommended theoretical and experimental values given in Atomic Data Nuclear Data Tables 76 (2000) 70! That paper gives a theoretical correction of the rates correlated with the neutron number which can also be applied to nuclei further off stability.

simple HTML Form Java version (allows plotting)


Run the new NON-SMOKERWEB code (which differs from the old NON-SMOKER code!) directly from a web page with full access to all options. You have to be a registered collaborator working on common papers to do this.

References for the NON-SMOKER code:

See also the publication list for related and more recent references and (p)reprints.


REACLIB is a nuclear reaction rate library for astrophysics, which contains fits to experimental rates as well as theoretical rates. Currently, an updated set of experimental rates combined with theoretical NON-SMOKER rates is compiled. Work is in progress. Please also take a look at the related KADoNIS database.

Readily available is a limited update of a previous REACLIB! (see history file for details on the updates.)

A nice graphical Table of the Nuclides is available here.

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