Topic: Access restrictions

Currently the access to NON-SMOKER(web) is restricted to collaborators. If you are interested in using the code, please use the Registration form to enter details of the calculations you want to perform. This is necessary because NON-SMOKER(web) uses a sophisticated mechanism to grant permissions to use all or only certain features of the code. If you don't state explicitly what you intend to do, the permissions may be too restrictive.

For checking out how it works there is a test account (just enter test twice in the access form) which is restricted to 70Ge as a target and has some options disabled.

Please keep in mind that the code is under constant development (see the history forum and refer to the version number in any inquiry).

For further details see the instructions (also available in PDF format), especially concerning registration.

In case you already have access and want to publish results I would welcome to see a copy to avoid misinterpretations of the results. Whether I have to be a co-author or not is subject to negotiation.