Topic: server crash + service slow down

A crucial machine in our computing cluster has died and thus disrupted operation of the full alpha cluster. This includes the server running the NON-SMOKER(WEB) code.

In the last few days we have been able to provide limited access to the cluster again. However, the NON-SMOKER(web) server is still not running. Therefore we had to temporarily relocate the code to another machine, which is much slower.

Therefore, longer computation times (which may also lead to timeout messages from certain browsers) have to be expected. If possible, users are asked to postpone calculations for a few days until we have established a faster server again.

Thank you for your understanding.


Re: server crash + service slow down

The code has been moved to a faster machine again, comparable to the previous performance before the crash.

However, the web site itself still has problems and may be occasionally unavailable, see here for details.