Topic: Announcement of possible service interruption

Within the next two weeks, the code will be migrated to a new server. This may result in some downtimes until the new web server is stable. It will also cause the IP address of the code to change (hopefully, the server name will not). This does not affect the nucastro.org site but only the server which is running NON-SMOKER(WEB) and to which the form information is submitted. It may also affect those who are using the websmoker tools to directly submit data from a program of their own. If there is need to modify those codes, the information will be posted here.

On the upside, the code will run MUCH faster in the future!


Re: Announcement of possible service interruption

The code runs on the new server now and should be much faster. However, the server may still be shut down temporarily for reconfiguration. We expect it to be stable within a few days.

The URL of the code has changed. Currently, the old URL still works in parallel but will be shut down soon. This does not affect users who use the web form to connect. Those users which use the websmokertools to submit jobs have to modify their access URLs to benefit from the change and to ensure that their access remains valid!