Topic: server problems

Due to some misconfiguration issues (and bugs in the operating system) the whole web site was down for day.

The problem has not been fully solved yet. Further downtime is to be expected within the next several days.

Also, the IP address of the site (NOT the domain name!) may change due to reinstallation. Further information will be given here.


Re: server problems

The site has been migrated to another server and seems to run well again. There may be short downtimes due to further maintenance during the next few days, so please stay patient. The overall performance should have improved.

The IP address of the domains nucastro.org and thomasrauscher.ch have changed due to this migration. If you cannot access one of these domains this may be because the change has not been updated in your DNS nameserver. Sometimes this can take up to a day or more.


Re: server problems

The server should be stable again (and even faster than before). Apologies for the problems last week.