Topic: Old history list

The old revision list is discontinued as it is replaced by this forum. Here I post a copy of it.

Revision history prior to August 2006

Moved to new server. Layout change of web page; database functions should be unaffected.

9-Jul-2005 to 11-Jul-2005
Temporarily unavailable due to hardware problem!
Problem fixed.

Displaying the lower temperature/energy limit for the statistical model did not work since the reconfiguration of the filesystem in March (see below). Fixed. At the same time, an error in the displayed limits was found (the target level density was used instead of the one in the compound system). Fixed (new version number 2.3).

Due to a misconfiguration in the new filesystem, the database could not be accessed for about a week. Fixed.

Free access to the Java and HTML interface! The password restriction has been lifted. The ADNDT reference page was updated again.

New main page introduced. The main page contains additional information on the newly published tables of cross section and reaction rates. The ADNDT reference page was updated, too. The NON-SMOKER query form was moved to a separate page.

Machine readable files with the complete sets of reaction rate fits, reaction rates, cross sections, partition functions and experimental level information are available on-line. This is in addition to the interactive nucleus-by-nucleus NON-SMOKER interfaces in Java and HTML. The cross sections and rates in the files correspond to the ones published in Atomic Data Nuclear Data Tables 79 (2001) (September issue). See that publication for a detailed explanation of the tables.

The web site was unaccessible due to a hardware failure between March 16th and March 20th. Short periods of unavailability could be experienced in the next few days.

New Java interface brought online!

Isospin suppressed reactions made available.

Public version 2.2: Update of ETFSI version. The present versions of the FRDM and ETFSI-Q rates correspond to the rate fits published in Atomic Data Nuclear Data Tables 75 (2000) 1 (Parts 1 and 2, see also the preprint).

Public version 2.1: Update of ETFSI-Q version.

Public version 2.0: Fixed some bugs in version 1.5 for alpha unstable nuclei. So far, only the FRDM version is updated!

Public version 1.5: Fixed a few ground state spins far off stability. This leads to a few altered rates and partition functions.

The machine is up and running. Access is ok. No damage done.

Due to a severe hardware crash, the site is temporarily unaccessible. Operation is expected to resume Sep 13.

The cluster is up and the site is working again.

Due to a severe hardware crash, the site is temporarily unaccessible. Operation is expected to resume May 17.

15-Mar-1999 till 19-Mar-1999
Due to an upgrade of the operating system of the server, the database may not be accessible all the time during the dates given above. Make sure to try at different times.

Public version 1.33/1: Exponents of MACS print correctly now. All exponents are now denoted by 'e' instead of 'D'.

22-Feb-1999 till 26-Feb-1999
Due to a failure of a power supply the database was not accessible in the week given above. If you encountered an error while trying to retrieve results, please try again.

Public version 1.33/0 of the database has been put on the Web. Isospin suppressed reactions still restricted.