Topic: version 4.6w

A number of changes which may affect output and performance:

1. When advanced options are used with an input file, the selected (active) options are listed in the output.

2. Some code clean-up which leads to more compact memory size and slightly increased performance.

3. Improvements in the calculation of the cross sections at each energy in the default grid. This leads to improved (numerical) accuracy. However, it makes the computation slower than before (when using the default energy grid). Numerical results may (slightly) change, compared to previous versions of the code.

4. There is now a limit on the number of calls of the code within a short timespan. If the limit is exceeded, the user is punished with a timeout period of several minutes. Within that timeout, the code refuses to run and only returns a brief message. This is to discourage too frequent automated calls, putting to much load on the server and easily mistaken for denial-of-service attacks.