Topic: v2.6

New Version 2.6:
The values of cross sections, rates, and MACS which are below or in the vicinity of the applicability limit are printed in red italics in the outputted HTML tables.

This is to draw the attention to the fact that the statistical model cannot be applied at low energies/temperatures for nuclei with low level densities or separation energies.


Re: v2.6


Bug fix: The red italics part was not shown correctly for neutron-induced cases in which the statistical model may not be applicable at thermal energies but at all higher energies.


Re: v2.6


Bug fix: The red italics part was still shown incorrectly for some charged-particle induced reactions. (hopefully) fixed.


Re: v2.6


bug fix: For the reaction rates, the columns were labelled incorrectly when the name of the residual nucleus was shorter than 5 characters. Fixed.

Thanks go to C. Iliadis for pointing out the problem.