Funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission (Capacities grant 262010), ENSAR was the integrating activity for European nuclear scientists who are performing research in three of these major subfields: Nuclear Structure, Nuclear Astrophysics and Applications of Nuclear Science. Its core aim is to provide access to seven of the complementary world-class large-scale facilities: GSI (D), GANIL (F), joint LNL-LNS (I), JYFL (FI), KVI (NL), CERN-ISOLDE (CH) and ALTO (F). The ENSAR project ran from 2011 to 2014 and comprised 31 participating institutions which were involved in providing Transnational Access (TA) to facilities, Joint Research Activities (JRAs), and Networking Activities (NA).

THEXO (Theoretical tools in support of Infrastructures) is a JRA within ENSAR. This is the portal to access online tables and preprints of various data (results of theoretical calculations made within THEXO) interesting for different aspects of application in astrophysics and experimental nuclear physics. Please select your area of interest in the navigation bar on the left. Please quote this webpage and the original publication when making use of these results.

These pages are continuously updated. Please check back frequently.

Predicted Astrophysical Reaction Rates

Astrophysical reaction rates for reactions with light projectiles (neutrons, protons, and alpha particles) from the proton to the neutron dripline and for target charges from 20 to 83 have been calculated in the statistical model (Hauser-Feshbach theory). Tables of these stellar rates can be downloaded from our data repository. The data sets consist of theoretical reactivities on a temperature grid from 0.1 GK to 10 GK.
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